Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A very merry unbirthday to Pierre ... and you ? ... from Disney Party ! (special offer and freebie today only)

The big smile says it all - Pierre is bursting with excitement because we're in the midst of organising his birthday party !

He sat down with me last night and carefully wrote out the envelopes for the invites - next Wednesday, we'll have nine of his friends (seven boys and two girls - eek !) coming over for the afternoon. Wish me luck !

Luckily we had received a fabulous selection of Star Wars themed party goodies from Disney Party, the newly-launched one-stop destination where parents can be inspired, plan their party and purchase the best selection of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars products.

The  Disney Party site is run by, so it's all top quality stuff and they have a huge range on offer. They also have some great tools for parents to help with the organising - free customisable Disney invites, a free personalised party dashboard, a free character call from Mickey and Minnie Mouse (free calls can be scheduled following any purchase of a Disney Party product) and loads of party ideas, including games and recipes.

It's not actually Pierre's birthday until later in the holidays, but if we wait until the big day, most of his friends will be unable to come because they'll be tied up in summer clubs or on holiday. Unbirthdays are apparently big news at the moment though. New research reveals that a quarter of parents move their child’s birthday party due to their birthday falling on an awkward date. Even the Royal Family get in on the act - this month saw the Queen celebrate her birthday for the second time this year. Despite being born on 21st April 1926, her majesty ‘officially’ marks her birthday during June, a tradition which has run in the Royal family since the 18th Century. The top four dates people least like having birthdays on are Christmas Day (69 per cent), New Year’s Day (25 per cent), the same day as a sibling (18 per cent) and 29th February (17 per cent). If you're nodding your head in recognition because your child's birthday falls on one of those dates, listen up ! On Wednesday 28th June (that's today!), Disney Stores will be giving the first five children who can prove they are born on one of the dates listed their very own ‘Unbirthday’ gift, choosing a product in store up to the value of £15. If you aren't eligible, there is also a 20% discount code for today only on their online store too.

For more information :

Disclosure : We received a selection of party goodies from Disney Party.


  1. I haven't heard of "unbirthdays", but we are also having Eddie's party before his real birthday, as we were worried that with summer holidays many people will have other plans. Good luck with Pierre's party! You are brave to invite so many to your home! :)

    1. It came from Alice in Wonderland (and not Alive in Wonderland which I just mistyped and which sounds like a completely different kind of film !). I'm hoping they won't be too rowdy - I'll just have to sort out lots of party games to tire them out !!

    2. Yes, Alive in Wonderland makes me think of Twilight or Zombies. :)

  2. Unbirthday sounds like a great idea. Happy Unbirthday to Pierre 😊

  3. I haven't heard of this but think its a great idea, Megan's birthday is tomorrow and like Pierre her friends are busy, we organised a party last year but only family cane so next year I might do hers in July so her friends can come xXx


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